what is natural beauty

To me natural beauty is enhancing what you have and improving how you look in the most natural way possible.

Natural beauty is about health. If you want to look beautiful naturally you have got to understand that it is not about covering your flaws it is about making that feature healthy it takes longer and can take a lot of effort but the benefits are worth it .

Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up in the morning your skin is glowing your hair is soft and you look healthy and beautiful , this is what is achieved by fixing the problem rather than spending hours covering your problems .

The most natural way to achieve natural beauty is to buy natural products or make your own. But why natural?

Well your skin is natural so why not treat it with something natural. Skin is also delicate and should be treated with care , after all it is the largest organ of your body.

Natural products are gentle so they can help your body heal without stripping away natural oils , and while chemical laden products could clean and moisturize well enough natural products work better by actually bringing nutrients to your body face and hair.

Now while i am saying natural is the way to go, i do also understand that not everything comes natural. There are a lot of things us humans need or want to use that just can not or is not made natural such as makeup, hair dye, nail polish ,perfume , hair products. these things are fine to use i use them myself the thing is these things are to enhance what we already have, so if your skin and hair are already healthy and are kept healthy there is no problem using these things when you want to just remember to go lightly it is ok to not wear makeup if your skin already looks perfect.

So be healthy shine and be beautiful .


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