Things i look for in products

When i buy products there are certain things i look for . some  may think  i am a bit too picky but these things ensure i get what i want . If i am going to be using a product every day i want to know that i am going to be satisfied ,not only satisfied but that it is going to be a luxury that i actually look forward to .

To give you an idea of what i am basing my reviews on here is what i look for and find to be essential in product selection

Fragrance – Fragrance is very important to me i like something that smells fresh natural and clean the fragrances i like are floral or fruity. I like a fragrance that you can instantly tell what it is instead of a mixture of different scents , and i like that fragrance to be natural not artificial

Packaging – The packaging of a product is the biggest thing that could make me either buy a product or totally dismiss it. I want as much information as i can get before i make a decision . The things i look for are the ingredients list to make sure there are plenty of nourishing ingredients and no bad things , information on the ingredients and/or  how the product works, A list of bad things the company does not add , i like products that tell you on the packaging how natural the product is , their website so i can look them up , basically the more information given the more likely i am to buy it . Another thing i like is minimal packaging , i think it is a waste when a product has so much packaging for example a jar in a box wrapped in plastic , couldn’t they just put a plastic seal over the jar? another thing that turns me off is glass bottles for things i would use in the shower like cleansers , i just think well shower is wet wet things get slippery i am clumsy yeah that is just asking for trouble .

Texture/Consistency – I like a product that absorbs well and does not feel oily sticky or tacky and for day creams i like something that works well with makeup .

No animal testing- I love animals so i love companies that do not test on animals

Price- I do not have a money tree growing in my back yard so i like products that are reasonably priced . There are a lot of brands out there that are reasonably priced and yet are fantastic, to be honest i do not know why some companies get away with charging a fortune for their products when there are other companies making products that are basically the same or even better  and a lot cheaper.

Recycled and Recyclable  packaging – For obvious reasons just keeping it green


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