As you are my readers i appreciate your opinions on my blog so this page is for you .

I would like for you to help me make my blogs what you want them to be . and i will try my hardest to do what i can.

Below i would like you to leave comments telling me things like

Any suggestions you have to improve my blog

What you want to read more of, for example more reviews,homemade,quick tips, ingredient information,etc

The only way to get more of what you want is to speak up i have many ideas for future blogs and i am sure i will get many more but i would like an idea of what blogs you the readers are interested in .


7 Responses to Contact/Feedback/Suggestions

  1. organicsyes says:

    Ingredient info:

    Placing this site here, too:)

  2. {pirk} says:

    Hey there!
    So, i’m a natural / organic soaper and i just started my online business…would you be willing to do a review on a couple products if i sent you a sample pack?

    you can check out my etsy site here:


    • naturalbuzz says:

      I am always looking for new products to try so i would love to test out your soaps. i will do a review for each one that you send me,
      i will chat further with you by email if you like

  3. {pirk} says:


    actually, do you buy off etsy? if so you can convo me there…


    • naturalbuzz says:

      Nah i have never bought anything from etsy i only heard of it recently , your email address is under your user name i can send you an email there if you want me to
      i had a look at your etsy store there is a lot of nice things there , i will add your store to my blogroll so more people can check it out

  4. treelipbalms says:

    Hello Naturalbuzz,
    It is good to see a blog on natural products with mainly the information and pictures of glamorous women.
    I am a natural product manufacturer; should you be interested to get in contact with me, you could do so via:

  5. treelipbalms says:

    Correction: Your blog is nice as without pictures of glamorous women.

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