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Natural beauty products are very important to me. For many years i had suffered with skin problems everything from sensitive skin pimples and dry skin and even things like dermatitis and dandruff. after putting up with these problems for years i decided that i need to try something different so i did some research and decided maybe i should try natural skincare . It was the best decision i have ever made everything just started clearing up.  i think my skin just could not tolerate all of those chemicals which is one thing i love about natural products i like to look at the label on a product and know what each of those ingredients are , to know each ingredient comes from a natural source , and that they are not going to harm  me.

I have no idea what the chemicals are in normal non natural products in fact i can not even pronounce 3/4 of them .

So how do you find a good product?

Well i started by looking up reviews i watched review videos on youtube and i read various reviews on the net. you research ingredients and you research the company

You don’t just read one review that wouldn’t work  as different people have different opinions and skin types , what you do is you read multiple reviews and look for the ones with the most details, if you notice multiple people saying there is something wrong with that product or that there is something wonderful about it than you can decide if that is going to affect you . An example would be lots of people love a product it works wonderful but it smells horrible , you than need to decide if the smell will put you off buying it .

I plan to do a lot of reviews in future , all will be as detailed as i can get them i will include the information on the products packaging , prices and any opinions i have about that product including texture, fragrance  and how well it performs .

I will be doing reviews on a huge range of natural beauty products and home made natural beauty treatments . I will be very picky about what products and treatments i choose to review i will only choose products that are as close to 100%  natural as possible,,

I am just an average person i have not studied natural skincare other than what i have researched and tried myself and i do not work for any skin care companies so all opinions will be unbiased and honest and all products i choose will be varied i don’t just stick with one product i like to switch it up every now and than just to see what works well and what is out there.

i will include website addresses for  all the companies that make the products i review so you can view their other products find where you can buy the products and learn more about them, the links are on the  side bar to your right under blogroll .

I like to be social with my blogs after all i am writing about something that i am passionate about so if you want to have a discussion about my blogs. want to make suggestions have any questions or want to share what you know feel free to leave a comment. I will always try to get back to you as soon as i can .


4 Responses to About Natural buzz

  1. organicsyes says:

    My name is Susan and I am an Independent Rep for Miessence, creators of ceritifed organic skin care products.

    Can I send you some samples to review? Here is my website: http://www.organicsyes.miessence.com and here is my blog: http://www.organicsyes.wordpress.com

    For information on reading labels, take a look here:

    I look forward to hearing from you!


    • naturalbuzz says:

      Hi Susan ,
      I would love to road test and review some samples i am always looking at trying new products , although i will have to look into your products first i do not blindly use products, i like to do as much research as possible to ensure what i am using is safe and reputable (no offense to you at all i am just very picky )
      i think i was looking at your tropicana body milk blog earlier today and thought it sounded interesting.
      i will look into miessence and get back to you soon preferably by email

  2. organicsyes says:

    Great to connect with you! I look forward to further discussions:)

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