Homemade – Green tea ice toner, reduces pores,sooth and refresh

Green tea leaves, from a small teabag

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Do you get clogged pores? enlarged pores? or a puffy face in the morning?

If so  try my green tea ice toner even if you do not get any of the above you can try this toner as it is a refreshing treat and is 100% natural

What to do

Make up some strong green tea just place a green tea bag in a mug and add some water you only need about a quarter of a cup, leave the tea bag in and allow it to cool

Dunk in some cotton balls and than squeeze out the excess you want them wet but not saturated

Place the cotton balls in a container make sure they have gaps in between them and that there is no green tea in the bottom of the container or they will stick

Place the container in the freezer

The toner is best used in the morning as it will reduce any puffiness that we all get in the morning it will reduce your pores and will leave your skin glowing and refreshed

This ice toner can also be used to sooth sunburn

Don’t have any green tea? why not just use water you wont get the benefits of the green tea but it will still reduce puffiness large pores and will be just as refreshing

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