Homemade- Natural buzz face mask and body scrub/mask

My face is under a lot of stress at the moment i have a flu so my nose is looking very red sore and dry and the rest of my face could also use a pick me up it is looking a bit dull and dry.

So my solution create a face mask using every moisturizing soothing and nourishing ingredient i can find in my kitchen

I used extra ingredients as i plan to use it as a body scrub too you could halve the ingredients for just a face mask


1 Cup of oatmeal (quick oats ) ground in a coffee grinder to make a smoother consistency

2 Tablespoons honey

One egg

3 Tablespoons milk

2 Tablespoon coconut oil (or oil of choice example olive oil, avocado oil)

2 Tablespoon of brown sugar

How to make

Grind oats in a coffee grinder to make a smooth soft powder

Mix in brown sugar

melt coconut oil and honey in the microwave for about fifteen seconds ( until coconut oil and honey are runny )

Give the egg a quick whisk add milk

mix all ingredients until smooth and thick

Cleanse face with a gentle cream cleanser and rinse with warm water

Pat the mixture onto your skin it is really thick and sticky so really squish it onto your face

Leave on for fifteen minutes

While you are waiting for fifteen minutes add approximately one cup of sugar and half a cup of oats ( not grounded) to your mixture and mix , add extra milk until you get a nice thick gluggy mix pretty much the same as the mask but more gritty

Pop into the shower and wash your body with your usual body wash

Turn off the water and massage that goo all over your body  especially concentrating on extra dry areas

Massage in and leave on for as long as you can stand in the shower up to 15 minutes

Rinse your face and body well finish with a cream cleanser and body wash if desired ( i like to just to make sure there is no left over residue )

Pat skin dry with a towel than apply moisturizer and body lotion

My thoughts

I think i just came up with a new favorite!!

The mixture is quite sticky so it stays on your face well and the smell oh my i could have eaten it if it didn’t have raw egg in it to me it smelt just like cookie dough yuuuuumm

I was pretty shocked when i looked in the mirror after my shower before the mask my face was very dull and looked quite bad thanks to this dreaded flu and winter but it was glowing again, it exfoliated without the need for scrubbing and a lot of the redness has gone down .

The body scrub worked very well it was a bit sticky and gluggy for a good scrubbing but it did still exfoliate and moisturize

This is definitely  one i will use again and maybe even work on improving once my kitchen is more stocked up

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