top to toe moisturizing night treatment using only one product

What if i told you that you can have a full body and hair treatment that will moisturize protect and heal and relax you using just one product , a product that is available at your local health food store and will cost a lot less than your leavein conditioner body lotion and foot cream .

That one product is coconut oil

Start by having your shower cleanse your face and wash your body as usual than tone your face

Massage the coconut oil into your body especially concentrate on any aches and pains and dry spots.

Massage into your feet concentrate on heals which tend to be dryer and don’t forget your nails and cuticles pop on some socks so you don’t slip over.

Massage your scalp with the coconut oil, massaging your scalp helps stimulate hair growth and the coconut oil will moisturize and help clear scalp conditions such as dandruff massage for as long as you like the longer the better than run the coconut oil through your hair for a deep conditioning treatment . Sleep with a shower cap on or place a towel over your pillow to stop oil stains on your pillows .

Massage the coconut oil into your hands nails and cuticles .

Go to sleep try to get at least the recommended eight hours

wake up in the morning and have a shower to wash your hair as it will be greasy.

Do this treatment as often as you like, i do it every other day or every few days as i like to use my other products too

Some optional extra steps

If you have trouble sleeping try mixing a few drops of lavender essential oil into your coconut oil

If your skin is looking a bit dull and feeling extra dry try using a body scrub in your shower before the treatment to remove dead skin cells , click here try my deep exfoliation body scrub recipe-

Why not give yourself a full facial  exfoliate and use a face mask before applying your coconut oil.

Light a scented candle and put on some relaxing music.

Click here to find out why coconut oil is so good for you

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