Homemade- deep exfoliation Body scrub

Exfoliating your body is an important step in your beauty regimen  and should be done regularly . Not only does it leave your skin feeling beautifully soft and glowing  but it also removes dead skin cells which allows your moisturizer to soak in better and stimulates blood circulation

Now i have absolutely no problem with store bought body scrubs, in fact i love them because they contain ingredients that i can not get a hold of  , but i do find that a lot of them do not contain enough scrubby bits for my liking , sometimes i want a really deep scrub to really get the blood flowing and remove more dead skin .

so my solution- i made my own

really it is quite easy you don’t really even need a set recipe you just need scrubby bits and a liquid

So here are some suggestions pick one or all of the scrubbers and however many of the liquids you like




brown sugar


Body wash


Olive oil


Tea tree essential oil

Lavender essential oil

Body lotion

coconut oil

So there is no set recipe here the key is to create a thick consistency like a paste simply add your salt sugar or brown sugar to a container you need quite a bit so you can cover your whole body than add your liquids and mix if it is too runny than add more salt sugar or brown sugar if it is too thick add more liquids .The thicker the scrub the more exfoliating it will be .the brown sugar is not really rough enough in my opinion so i use it more as a filer to thicken the mix.

So now that you have made up your body scrub go jump in the shower . Wash with your body wash first. than turn off the water you do not need it on when you are scrubbing so be green , so scrub away be gentle but thorough , why not leave it on for a few minutes after you are finished scrubbing for a full  body mask , now rinse off and wash again with your body wash, dry off and apply body lotion this is the perfect time to moisturize as it will really sink in now that the dead skin is gone .

Just before writing this i did my own body scrub it kinda inspired me to write this blogi

I used sugar, salt, brown sugar ,coconut oil, tea tree oil,milk and honey

worked great and my skin now feels so soft

So go try it out and see how different your skin feels after a deep scrub

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