Dry skin- Have you got it and how to treat it

Dry skin is  probably the most common skin problem . Dry skin can be caused by a number of things such as heating, air conditioning ,not moisturizing regularly , harsh cleansers , sun and wind exposure or just the winter chill.

You may not even realize that you have got dry skin .

One way to test if you have dry skin is to do a quick test

Place your index finger horizontally at the corner of your lip and push the skin of your cheek up , if  you see tiny lines this means you have got dry skin, if the skin is plump and smooth your skin is moisturized properly, try doing this test with and without moisturizer on to see the difference .

so how do you treat dry skin?

– Cleanse in the morning and at night with a gentle cream cleanser. avoid gel cleansers as cream ones tend to be more moisturizing and nourishing.

– exfoliate once a week with a good gentle facial scrub to whisk away dead skin cells this will make your face less flaky and dull and will help your moisturizer sink into the healthy skin underneath the dead skin

– Use a hydrating toner twice a day. Avoid toners that contain alcohol as alcohol will dry your skin out more. If you use a hydrating mist toner you could spray your face a couple of times throughout the day to freshen your face and boost your moisture

– moisturize at least twice a day in the morning and at night , if you can also apply moisturizer half way through the day

– Use a day cream that contains sunscreen

– Use night cream at night lots of people think night cream is just a waste of money because you can just use day cream but night cream is actually different , it is  thicker and more nourishing , plus your skin goes through a healing process when you sleep so it is good to have a proper healing cream

– Don’t forget your eyes , eye lids will become even more dry than the rest of your skin ,and dry eyes mean wrinkles . But don’t use just your regular face cream on your eyelids use an eye cream or serum , your eyelids are more sensitive and prone to drying and wrinkling . Never be rough applying eye cream, use just your ring fingers and pat the cream in gently, tugging and rubbing the delicate skin around your eyes will cause wrinkles

-Drink lots of water at least eight glasses a day . Drinking water will moisturize your skin from within .

Don’t forget your body

-Use a gentle creamy body wash. Avoid soap and gel body wash

– Exfoliate once or twice a week with either a good gentle body scrub or body brush

-Slather on body lotion after your shower

-Use a thick nourishing cream or ointment on your elbows things i recommend are a  high dose vitamin E cream , Burt’s bees miracle salve or foot cream yes you heard me right feet get very dry and creams intended for feet are stronger and thicker than body lotion so they are perfect.

-Don’t forget to slather on hand cream and foot cream .

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