Hair care tips for healthy beautiful longer hair

Do you want long glossy beautiful hair?

Is your hair damaged by all of the torturous heating from straightening curling or blow drying  styling products or neglect?

Than read on .

Really the only way to have beautiful hair is to have healthy hair . You can buy all the styling products you like such as smoothing serums split end repairers shining sprays or gels but the truth of the matter is these things mask the problem they do not fix the problem , as soon as you wash your hair it is back to normal.  Test it out next time you wash your hair , don’t put anything in it at all just wash it and than dry it, if your hair is dull knotted or gets knotted easily or frizzes up , if it is anything but smooth shiny and and beautiful, than sorry but you have damaged  hair, don’t be too worried most people have damaged hair it is just a fact of life that hair gets damaged easily.

So here are some ideas on how to fix your hair.

Stop the torture , the more you dye ,straighten curl blow dry back comb tear knots out brush too roughly or apply harsh chemical laden products the more damage you will do and the more work you will have to do to repair your poor hair, do you really need to straighten your hair every day, or blow dry every time you wash your hair? if you think you can get away without doing it than don’t do it , find some other way to style your hair, like let it air dry, if you apply a little bit of styling product such a mouse than give your hair a little scrunch and mess it up a little bit than let it air dry you could get a nice natural wavy look without using heat .

Use a conditioning hair mask  at least once a week either a homemade one or a store bought one.

Don’t wash your hair every day, it is not needed your hair really is not that dirty unless you have been doing strenuous activities or rolling in mud, washing your hair every day does not do it any good at all in fact it is bad you are stripping away all of the oils that your hair needs  try washing your hair every second or third day, if you are one of those people that get oily hair quickly why not wash your hair every second day and if it still gets oily try a dry shampoo . if you think you can not go without washing your hair every day because your hair loses its style than why not play around with some new ways to style your hair , try an up do , put your hair in plaits the night before for some waves , there are so many styles to chose from

Get regular hair cuts every 8 weeks even if you are trying to get your hair to grow, this gets rid of the dead ends that will cause breakage, there is no point having long hair if it is a ratty ugly mess.

Drink lots of water around 8 to 10 glasses a day to moisturize your hair from within

If you use a shampoo designed for building body switch it up only use the volumising shampoo and conditioner when you are going out and want a voluptuous style.  Volumising products are designed to be light so your hair doesn’t get weighed down there for they do not give your hair much moisture so whenever you don’t plan to style your hair use a deep conditioning shampoo and conditioner instead.

Never ever brush wet hair or brush  out knots this is one of the biggest causes of breakage , your hair is very delicate when it is wet, and brushing ferociously at knots pulls and tears at your hair , instead use a wide tooth comb and gently comb through wet hair or knots .

Massage your scalp regularly to stimulate blood flow to your scalp it may help your hair grow faster, olive or coconut oil make great massage oils that way you are not just massaging you are also deep conditioning the roots and scalp just rub it in well  for as  long as you want than shampoo and condition, aslo give your scalp a good massage when lathering the shampoo

Have a healthy diet that way you are getting all the nutrients you need to keep your hair healthy

Hope this helps you grow beautiful hair

If you have any other tips comment below

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