Sukin Hydrating Mist Toner review

what is it- Sukin Hydrating
Mist Toner.

Size – 125ML

Price – AU $9.95

Ingredients- Purified Water ,Rose Water ,Glycerin, Phenoxyethanol , German Chamomile Extract, Citric acid

Sukin products DO NOT contain

Sodium Lauryl Sulphate

sodium laureth sulphate

Animal Derivatives

Harsh detergents


Artificial colours

Synthetic fragrances


Mineral oils


No animal testing

Carbon neutral

Recyclable packaging

Application – Close eyes and spray onto face and neck area for an instant refreshing feel. Can be used on face and body,over and under lotions, creams,oils,gels and makeup. Use throughout the day to refresh and hydrate dry skin

There are many things i love about this toner . Firstly would be the fragrance. It has got a lovely rose fragrance that kind of reminds me of  traditional Turkish delight a really sweet smelling rose that is refreshing and girly but not too overpowering .

The next thing i love is that it contains no Alcohol so it does not dry out your skin and does not irritate dry sensitive skin.

I use this toner a few times throughout the day , I am not a morning person so first thing when i wake up i really do not want to wash my face straight away i want to have a coffee sit back and relax . So instead when i get up i spritz some of this on my face to wake me up and refresh myself , than after i am awake i do the whole cleansing routine using this toner as my regular toner, i also spritz a little on whenever i feel my face is getting a little dry or needs waking up . i than use it again at night when i do the cleansing and night cream routine ,

This toner is amazing on hot days and nights a little trick i do is to store it in the fridge and whenever i am feeling blah i spray it on it instantly cools and refreshes.

Another trick is to spay it on after i apply my makeup. this helps a lot if you have applied your makeup too thick just spay and blend your makeup. i find that sometimes my makeup can look a little flat and dull especially if i have applied too much powder, so i just give my face a light spray and it instantly makes it more dewy and sets the makeup

I have not found anything at all that i do not like about this product it will be something that i think i will continue to use for as long as Sukin keep making it.

As sukin is an Australian company people outside of Australia may find it difficult to find in their stores i am not sure if it is available outside Australia. but i am sure you will most likely find it online

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