homemade egg face mask

Want a cheap easy  face mask?

This has got to be the easiest and cheapest one you could make.

All you need is one egg !!

What does it do?

Tightens skin

Reduces pimples

Reduced pores

Clears blackheads

Smooths skin

what you will need

1 egg

Two bowls

Two face washers (one for washing egg off and one for cleansing after )

Usual face wash or scrub


Hair tie /Headband

what to do

Tie your hair back,

Wash your face with warm water and your usual cleanser. Make sure your face is completely free of makeup and  face creams, This would be the perfect time to use a face scrub if it has been a while.

Get an egg and separate the white and yolk into two separate bowls.

Whisk the white until it is frothy  and break the yolk.

Apply the egg white all over your face avoiding lips nostrils and eyes.

Wait 15 minutes than remove with warm water.

Apply the egg yolk avoiding eyes nostrils and lips.

Wait 15 minutes than remove with warm water.

Gently cleanse with a gentle cleanser rinse with cold water to close pores.

Apply your moisturizer.

There will be lots of egg left over you can not get it all on your face i will tell you below some ideas i have for the left overs.


The eggs will go hard on your face.

If you have very oily skin add a little bit of lemon juice to the egg white. Do not add lemon juice if you have dry or sensitive skin.

Eggs may carry salmonella bacteria. Be careful not to get raw egg in your mouth, eyes, or nose, and make sure you wash your face well

What i thought

Firstly i think this is a great emergency mask if you are out of a purchased mask or don’t have the ingredients to make something more extravagant.

It is easy to make and very cheap considering you don’t even end up using a full egg and chances are you have eggs already so it is practically free.

When i applied the egg white it felt really quite refreshing because my eggs are stored in the fridge so it was nice and cool .

After a while the egg whites started to  go hard on my face and made my face feel really tight , don’t try to have a conversation while you are doing this it is near impossible to move your face. The tightness does feel a bit uncomfortable but it is not painful or anything.

After rinsing off the egg white my face looks so clean fresh and glowing , actually quite literally glowing it was shiny in a good clean way not a yucky oily way.

On to the egg yolk, I look like a mess with yellow gunk on my face.

It feels pretty much the same as the whites cool and it is making my face stiff.

I am honestly amazed by the results my face feels tighter, smooth and is glowing . I have got very sensitive skin and this mask did not irritate my skin at all. I would reccomend you give it a try.

So what to do with the left over egg?

If you scooped out what you used hygienically with a spoon why not add a couple of more eggs and make scrambled eggs.

Got a cat or dog? Mix it in with their dinner eggs will help them have a nice shiny  soft coat

Why not use it as a moisturizing hair mask just mix the whites and yolks together apply it to your hair leave on for 15 minutes to half an hour than shampoo and condition.

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2 Responses to homemade egg face mask

  1. jensmile says:

    wow, sounds a bit random but might try it!

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